Gym Hair Don't Care

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      Gym Hair Don't Care! 

      Single 30ml bottle of Gym Hair original formula. Fits right in your gym bag, purse, pocket, or car. 

      Is it dry shampoo?
      How Do I Use It?
      Is it just for after you exercise? 
      SHAKE bottle before use. Section your hair and spray 2-3 times at each section.  Use your fingertips to massage throughout your scalp and hair.  If you have oily hair, limit to these few sprays.  Add more if you feel like it!
      NO!  Think of anytime you sweat, even a little: Soccer games, swim meets, baseball games, track races, going to the beach, chilling on a boat, lounging at the pool, gardening, etc. It's safe for kids as well.
      NO.  Gym Hair is designed specifically for application to WET / SWEATY hair.  Whereas dry shampoo goes on...dry hair.
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